Parasitic Jaeger 3


The Parasitic Jaeger colored pencil portrait in done. That completes all of the California representatives of the Stercorariidae family for my catalog, unless I want to start again from the beginning… which I probably do.


Gray Catbird 1


Starting on a new portrait from Michigan and Massachusetts—Gray Catbird. It’s one of our favorites from the trip, despite the fact that it is not very colorful. It’s a simple formula of flat iron gray, black and a small amount of rufous… but pretty damn cool regardless. I’ll add color after I refine the composition.

Blackburnian Warbler 5

Blackburnian Warbler portrait in colored pencil is done. One thing remaining… a NEW name for this bird. “Blackburnian” is definitely cool, but I’m thinking it doesn’t really capture the incredible beauty of this animal—at least for me. I’m proposing three other names, you can suggest your own as well.
1. Flame-faced Warbler
2. Mercurochrome-colored Warbler
3. Fucking AWESOME-faced Warbler