Guadalupe Murrelet 2 (rescan)


The Guadalupe Murrelet doesn’t look blue now.


Guadalupe Murrelet 2


The Guadalupe Murrelet portrait in No.2 pencil progresses… Perhaps it’s done, I don’t really know—the tolerances are so small with these small seabirds that even a small error means it won’t be recognized, and that is my primary goal, to be accurate. I like the water effect, however.

Guadalupe Murrelet

Initial lines. Much more work to come, but very little color… GUMU1_sm

The tiny Guadalupe Murrelet was only recognized as a species. Formerly it was lumped with the more common Scripp’s Murrelet within the now defunct Xantu’s Murrelet name. Thankfully, researchers were able to identify this rare species as distinct. Now its survival on the tiny islands on the west coast of Baja California can be addressed. Surprisingly, we can see this bird in Northern California, but only during very warm water conditions, such as those we’ve been seeing recently. I saw this bird two days ago on a pelagic birding tour out of Half Moon Bay. This drawing is based on my friend Caroline Lambert’s incredible shot of this rare bird.