Widow Skimmer 4


Widow Skimmer just a little further. I’ve added the dark brown coloration on the wings and hinted at the complex vein pattern. I need to make progress on the body and legs before I continue with the wings.


Widow Skimmer 3


I made some progress on the Widow Skimmer female tonight. The animal’s shape has been refined, including dropping the abdomen a bit and reducing the head size while also lifting it upward. It’s probably time to add some color and figure out how to suggest the complex wing pattern of veins and membranes without overdoing it.

Widow Skimmer 2


This is a refinement of the previous posted Widow Skimmer sketch. I’m trying something new… This is my FIRST attempt at a full-sized portrait of a Dragonfly. I did a quick 3-inch sketch a while back, but that was a five-minute thing. In this case it is a 10-inch long drawing of a female Widow Skimmer, something I saw for the first time this past weekend. I’m very much out ¬†of my element with this project, but I’m trying to use the same techniques I’ve used on birds. Namely, I define the composition and then major shadows and color breaks. The problem is, I’m still learning Dragonfly anatomy… so please be patient as I learn in front of you. More posts to follow.