Cooper’s Hawk 1

Initial lines for a Cooper’s Hawk on prey. So many issues to resolve…

Tupandactylus imperitor 2


Yet another Pterosaur… my apologies. It must have something to do with my father’s death. I feel an intense need to recapture the past… Anyway, this is Tupandactylus imperitor, and it is now complete, except for color. I think we can imagine some vibrant colors on this coastal species. Did it consume fish, or fruit? Experts disagree. The great crest, made of fine soft tissue between boney supports must have been used during courtship displays… I imagine something like the bright blue of Brant’s Cormorants, or perhaps something like one of our Puffins, or Auklets. Perhaps even a Gannet. What kinds of colors do you imagine on this fashion-forward Pterosaur?

Tupandactylus imperator 1


Tupandactylus imperator. Standing about the 5 feet tall (crest included) it possessed the largest headrest of any Pterosaur. Fossils indicate that soft tissue did in fact creat a large web between the upper and lower supports of the crest. It was discovered in Brazil in the Cretaceous deposits, making it one of the mid-to-late Pterosaurs. Estimates of its diet range from fish to fruit…