Great Blue Heron 5


The Great Blue Heron portrait is done… All colored pencil, all the time.


Great Blue Heron 4


The Great Blue Heron portrait is at an awkward stage. I placed the pencil sketch below on my light table and traced it—I liked that version quite a lot, and didn’t want to touch it, but I really wanted to continue with color… So using that version as a template I traced it and used NO graphite, only colored pencils. I laid in a few base colors and wanted everyone to see where it is now. I’ll put it back on the light table (hence the registration marks) and continue placing color in all the graphite sections. Hopefully, it will be worth the effort.

Great Blue Heron 1


I’m embarking on a new subject—a Great Blue Heron. This is a common, but extremely wonderful creature. Its substantial presence demands respect and is the king of nearly any field it decides to visit, taking its choice of fish, frogs, toads, mice, rats and gophers. This is an initial study, more studies ahead…