Black-capped Vireo 3


Texas lifers—the Black-capped Vireo is finally complete. Oddly, it is the first Vireo I’ve ever drawn, except for an occasional field sketch. This trip produced two Vireo lifers, so I’ll have another chance to capture that wonderful Vireo quality… On to the next portrait.


Black-capped Vireo 2


Texas lifers, continued—A more refined Black-capped Vireo portrait begins to emerge from its humble graphite beginnings. The bird’s weight has been shifted forward, its head made larger and the overall energy improved. More to come.

Golden-cheeked Warbler 3

Golden-cheeked Warbler portrait in colored pencil is now done. I was impressed with how much black this bird possessed compared to our local Hermit Warbler, so I chose a position that would show that feature off. I loved seeing this critically endangered bird in the wild during our recent trip to the Texas Hill Country.GCWA2_flat_sm

Bell’s Sparrow 2


Bell’s Sparrow and flowering chamise (Adenostoma fasciculatum). Portrait in colored pencil.It is in fact, one of my favorite local birds. Newly recognized as a full species, it was formerly considered conspecific with the current Sagebrush Sparrow. They were collectively called Sage Sparrow. There have been a few versions of this portrait. This version is completely new and hopefully an improvement over earlier efforts.