Anna’s Hummingbird 2


Anna’s Hummingbird for my “cousin’s” Christmas present—perhaps one of the most awesome, everyday-things we have in California. Take a moment to remember how lucky we all are to have this beautiful flying jewel in our back yards and downtown offices year round. Pretty amazing little miracle, wouldn’t you say?


Song Sparrow project 16


Is this M.m.montana?? No, it’s just my first pass at the “Modoc” Song Sparrow. I’m happy to receive comments regarding coloration of this northeastern California population. I’m still waiting for more (and better) reference photographs to assist in the illustration. Note the grayer base color to the back, contrasting dark brown back streaks, and isolated rufous on wings. Malar is white, and flanks/belly are pale cool gray. Face is dark rufous brown with slate gray supercilium and auriculars.

Song Sparrow project 15

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 7.35.06 PM

The “Mendocino” Song Sparrow, otherwise known as Melospiza melodia cleonensis. As with the other illustrations below, I’ve included a few annotations. Several more populations to illustrate, but making good progress. I may need to redraw some (maybe all) of the portraits as I learn more about each subspecies.