Hammond’s Flycatcher 1


Next project is out of the driveway… Hammond’s Flycatcher. I’ve chosen to pose this bird in a similar position to the Pacific-slope Flycatcher to emphasize the differences.


Pacific-slope Flycatcher 3


The Pacific-slope Flycatcher is beginning to feel real. Proportions feel a little better with the adjustments to the tail, but mostly some base color has been added to the wings and it feels more filled in. Now I need to refine feather groups a bit more and continue working with the wings. Then some blending and color work.

Pacific-slope Flycatcher 1


I’m embarking on a project with very narrow margins… I asked my Facebook birder friends if they could guess what I was trying to draw, but I won’t do that here. Pacific-slope Flycatchers belong to the genus Empidonax, a notoriously difficult to identify group. Differences are subtle…. size and shape of eye ring, primary projection, general shape and structure. This should be quite a ride.