Golden-cheeked Warbler 3

Golden-cheeked Warbler portrait in colored pencil is now done. I was impressed with how much black this bird possessed compared to our local Hermit Warbler, so I chose a position that would show that feature off. I loved seeing this critically endangered bird in the wild during our recent trip to the Texas Hill Country.GCWA2_flat_sm

Bell’s Sparrow 2


Bell’s Sparrow and flowering chamise (Adenostoma fasciculatum). Portrait in colored pencil.It is in fact, one of my favorite local birds. Newly recognized as a full species, it was formerly considered conspecific with the current Sagebrush Sparrow. They were collectively called Sage Sparrow. There have been a few versions of this portrait. This version is completely new and hopefully an improvement over earlier efforts.

Bonaparte’s Gull


Another quick pencil sketch, a study really: Bonaparte’s Gull in alternate plumage. Needs work, but happy with how it looks for the short time I spent. I had in mind to show this with another dainty swimmer—the Red-necked Phalarope. Perhaps that will happen eventually.