Peregrine Falcon 3

Peregrine Falcon (step 3) I think this is done. At least I’ve done as much as I know how. I’ve now drawn this bird three times, each time making small improvements. My hope was that it would appear as if it was launching downward, lifting it’s wings up for another huge stroke downward toward its prey. The talons are ready to attack…


Peregrine Falcon 2

Peregrine Falcon (step 2) I’ve redrawn the bird because after holding it at various angles, and looking at it in the mirror (a good trick!), it looked all wrong… I’ve also begun to think more about the position of the head and the bird’s gaze. I still don’t like it… I wish I had some good photo reference.


Mourning Dove 2

Mourning Dove portrait in colored pencil is now done. I was inspired to do this after I showed a young boy one on the ground a few feet away from us. I asked him to tell me what colors he saw. He said “tan and gray”. I told him to look closer and tell me what colors he saw now. “I see blue, and gold and PINK!” Mourning Doves are beautiful, I told him, and their name comes from the sound of being sad. And I thought to myself, how sad it was that we don’t admire them more.


Green Heron 3

Green Heron portrait a little farther along, but not yet finished. I’m surprised how little “green” I’ve actually used to this point—it’s mostly been “sage”, which is a grayish green, with shadows of “dark indigo”. Truly green highlights will be added later, I think. One more night of drawing and it will be done.