Brown Pelican 4


A portrait in colored pencil, almost finished. Brown Pelican in full dive mode. Many details added, especially dark and light areas, fine details and an renewed attitude. It’s been weeks since I touched this paper…. Feels good to resume the project. The only thing remaining is some soft context to define the water into which the bird is diving. Wish me luck!

Brown Pelican diving 3


Made some progress on the Brown Pelican diving portrait. The artwork is too large for my scanner, so I have to post cellphone shots. When it’s done, I’ll do a proper scan. In any case, this stage of the process was concerned with correcting the left wing dis-proportion and filling in shadows and refining form with a little color. In this case, it is simply warm gray and dark brown, but not much of this is visible here…

Brown Pelican dive 2


For this round of the Brown Pelican portrait, I traced my original drawing and refined the form. Improving the bird’s proportions also making the move to larger paper, unfortunately thinner and off-white in color. The heavy outline is to assist with the next round, which will be a fresh rendering with colored pencil.

American Bittern 5


More progress on the American Bittern colored pencil portrait. The shadows have been darkened and the majority of saturated color and intricate pattern have been applied to the body, with minor adjustments ahead. Biggest task for tomorrow night will be the legs and any context. This has been a complicated portrait…