American Bittern 5


More progress on the American Bittern colored pencil portrait. The shadows have been darkened and the majority of saturated color and intricate pattern have been applied to the body, with minor adjustments ahead. Biggest task for tomorrow night will be the legs and any context. This has been a complicated portrait…


American Bittern 4


I made some progress on the American Bittern portrait tonight. Most of the time was spent on the back and wing pattern, with some heavier colors applied to the neck streaks. Still much work ahead, and I decided to rework the position of the eye.

American Bittern 2


A little more progress on the American Bittern (stage 2). There was actually a version in between this one and the first, but it was kind of a failure… So I drew the portrait for a THIRD time, grabbing what I liked about version 1, and adjusted for accuracy. This version is lighter in real life than shown here, and will provide the basic outline for the colors, which I will add next. The reason for this is I tend to go too heavy with the graphite early on because I get excited, but colored pencil becomes muddy when added on top of graphite. So in addition to refining the composition, this stage ensures better color on the final portrait.

Black-throated Sparrow 2


I’ve actually done a few steps on this. I adjusted the head shape, and lengthened the tail. I spent a lot of time on the wings, trying to show just enough detail. The Santa Clara County Black-throated Sparrow is as done as it’s going to get. I loved the french gray, brown, tan tones. Fun to blend and layer. Next…