Long-billed Curlew


I’m trying something new, and more than a little frightening—certainly a bit “above my pay grade”… A Long-billed Curlew with its head buried in its back feathers. This is just an initial sketch, a study. No more. We’ll see if I’m successful. Please wish me luck!


Magnolia Warbler 3


The Magnolia Warbler portrait is done, I think. I saw this lovely, basic-plumaged adult at Ulistac Natural Area, Sunnyvale a few weeks ago, and I labored over the pose and the plumage. I used photographs for reference, but of birds in different plumages and/or ages. So this was cobbled together, and mixed with a lot of personal recollection. I’m just now getting down to finishing the portrait.

Magnolia Warbler 1


The next project is a non-breeding adult Magnolia Warbler. I just saw this bird a couple of weeks ago not far from my home. I did an extremely coarse outline last night, and am thinking I will need to refine the structure before I begin adding color. I’ll probably debut the light table Kelly gave me for my birthday and transfer the good parts of this sketch to a fresh sheet of paper.

Blackpoll Warbler 3


Perhaps with some of the color in place, the identity of the “confusing fall Warbler” will be more obvious. There’s still much work to do on this Blackpoll Warbler portrait. As I said, I had to do a lot of color blending… sadly, not something I do a lot. Anyway, so far so good.