Cerulean Warbler 3


The Cerulean Warbler has been drawn a THIRD time, mostly to capture the structural improvements of the second drawing while removing all the messy graphite smudgy restlessness of the first two efforts… This time the outline was drawn very lightly and will be the final portrait—a few base colors have been laid in before bed. Heavier blue was used where near black will occur in the final portrait. The highlights rendered with pale powdery blue. We’ll see if all this technique ends up working, but I have high hopes.


Cerulean Warbler 2


The Cerulean Warbler has been redrawn in pencil and refined. It has a bit more detailed in the wing and the outline has been clarified. Now that it feels a bit more accurate it’s time to move onto the next step—redrawing it again, and adding color.

Northern Pygmy-Owl 6


The Northern Pygmy-Owl was looking a little pock-marked in places. So I used the colorless blender to smooth out those areas. It ends up looking a little less pencil-y and perhaps more lifelike… but some areas became darker than anticipated. Still, I like it, and it’s time to send it off to the world.