Canyon Wren 3


Canyon Wren with faint, very timid base colors. Gearing up for the delicate white spots and typical “Wren pattern” of tiny bars. At this stage, the colors are more to help me “see” the bird than they are to help fill the bird… I don’t know if that makes ANY sense. But sometimes you need to test the waters, so to speak, and laying down a few faint colors help inform the process—help you decide if you’re going in the right direction.


Canyon Wren 2


This is feeling better. I took the lessons I learned from last night’s (less than perfect) study and entirely rethought the bird’s proportions, energy and angles. This Canyon Wren is similarly positioned, but better balanced and ready for some base colors. Not going to rush this, and there is still time to refine the composition. So perhaps last night’s effort wasn’t a total loss—I learned what NOT to do.

Varied Thrush 5


Admittedly, not much has changed since the last post, but now I think the Varied Thrush is done. Context is minimal—just a faint drop shadow and some feet to stand on. I didn’t think I wanted to add tangled branches like the RBNU portrait, and I thought it would be fun to show the Thrush completely unobstructed… not an easy thing to experience as you probably know. Tiny details have been added to the head and back, mostly for texture. And I’m thinking about the next drawing now…