White-faced Ibis 4


White-faced Ibis portrait in colored pencil is now complete. I think…


White-faced Ibis 3


This is the THIRD drawing of the White-faced Ibis. I didn’t post the second sketch because it was only slightly different… But it has now been completely redrawn twice since the last post, and is at an extremely awkward stage. The composition feels good—the back was lowered, the tail lenghtened and head-neck contours adjusted, but I’m laying in base colors and iridescence and it is very much in the early stages. Good things come to those who wait however… including me (I hope).

White-faced Ibis 1


White-faced Ibis. This is another dark bird at a distance, but oh, SO many colors when you a good close look. I can’t wait to use those pinks, purples, deep greens and flashes of gold on this one. Try as I did however, there is no way to map the Fibonacci over this composition, but it sure looked like it for a while… I did a portrait of this species about three years ago, just before my show. I’m not looking at that portrait now, but when I’m done, it will be interesting to see if I’ve progressed.