Anurognathus ammoni 1


Why not have some sketching fun? Here’s Anurognathus ammoni for a little Pterosaur whimsy. An Old World Pterosaur lineage, this binocular-visioned, bat-sized species was irrefutably covered with hair-like structures. It’s large eye sockets lead Pterosaur workers to believe it was nocturnal. I decided to render it much like our present day nocturnal flying squirrel.


Western Meadowlark 3


Western Meadowlark with some pattern added. Some adjustment to feather tracts before I’m comfortable… This drawing will actually have very little yellow when completed because both the 3/4 view of the bird, and the fact it is basic-plumaged. Mostly brown and black on the back, with some gold on the face and throat. Much work to do still, but time for bed.