Blackburnian Warbler 5

Blackburnian Warbler portrait in colored pencil is done. One thing remaining… a NEW name for this bird. “Blackburnian” is definitely cool, but I’m thinking it doesn’t really capture the incredible beauty of this animal—at least for me. I’m proposing three other names, you can suggest your own as well.
1. Flame-faced Warbler
2. Mercurochrome-colored Warbler
3. Fucking AWESOME-faced Warbler

1 thought on “Blackburnian Warbler 5

  1. Hey there, I just got into checking my pinterest again and remembering that you had interacted with my paleoart board and upon clicking your profile i discovered some of this stuff so yeah. Always cool to have someone to talk to about nonavian dinos. 🙂

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