Blackburnian Warbler 4


Blackburnian Warbler a little more firey, but still not done…


1 thought on “Blackburnian Warbler 4

  1. One more thing before I go and sorry for my informalities but it has just occurred to me that this is a place you post your ART which is even cooler because I am a practicing visual artist too, graduating with my BFA in drawing this spring. I read your “about” page and I wholeheartedly agree that the skills we nurture in drawing have astonishingly wide applications as with any profession. Anyways, super cool. Glad to have found you here. As I don’t have an official website I’ll leave my instagram account I use to upload my art if you’re interested. (I drew some taxidermied ducks the other day you might be interested in lol.)

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