Bobolink 2


Bobolink study #2. I like this pose, but structure and proportions still need work, I know. The head, for example is probably raised too high, and that bill… Oh well, I’ve got more paper. Did I mention that we loved seeing this bird do its incredible aerial song and display…? It’s wings were all stiff and fluttery—nevery raising above its shoulders. And the males seemed to be positively screaming their impossible, wirey songs. Unreal!


2 thoughts on “Bobolink 2

  1. Hi Matthew- I’m just cacthing up on your blog because we were sailing when you drew this. You mention paper. What is your preferred paper? Bristol? Vellum? Just curious.

  2. My most frequent choice for final portraits is Robert Bateman’s recycled sketchbook. I usually use the 14″ x 17″ size. It’s very white, just toothy enough to work well with colored pencil, and thick enough to stand up to frequent erasing. For initial work, I often go with thinner, less expensive paper, no particular brand, but some of the same qualities of texture and durability still apply.

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