White-faced Ibis 1


White-faced Ibis. This is another dark bird at a distance, but oh, SO many colors when you a good close look. I can’t wait to use those pinks, purples, deep greens and flashes of gold on this one. Try as I did however, there is no way to map the Fibonacci over this composition, but it sure looked like it for a while… I did a portrait of this species about three years ago, just before my show. I’m not looking at that portrait now, but when I’m done, it will be interesting to see if I’ve progressed.


2 thoughts on “White-faced Ibis 1

  1. I’m curious about your comment ‘…map the Fibonacci…’ I assume this is a reference to the Golden Mean. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, not only in drawing, but in website layout too. Do you have any more thoughts on that?

    • Ann, when I began the drawing, I saw the suggestion of the Golden Mean (Fibonacci) in the bird’s shape, and as an experiment, I played with including the ratio to see if it would fit. Well, it didn’t really… But I left it in as a playful reference, and a bit of a joke. Honestly, the Golden Mean is a beautiful relationship and it occasionally helps define a compositions. But more often than not it seems a bit forced—-especially in portaits. I think it is a best for arrangements of humant-made objects, such as blocks of information on a website or architecture. But for animals, especially realistic drawings probably not. At least I haven’t been successful with that. Keeping it in one’s mind though, appreciating it when it is suggested couldn’t hurt though. ~Matthew

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