Nyctosaurus 1


Here’s another preliminary sketch in my paleo series. This rough study is of the astonishing Pterosaur genus Nyctosaurus. All members of this genus possessed long, antler-like crests. Despite the crest’s size, they were quite light, and it is currently not believed to have had any soft tissue connecting the two branches. It lived by the sea and is believed to have been quite a glider, perhaps capturing fish from the surface of the water much like a Skimmer or large Tern. I took some liberties with the composition, deciding that it would be fun to imagine how it attended to grooming. I’ve never seen a representation of this animal reaching back on its body or even sitting on its haunches like this, but that’s a part of paleoart—imagining what might have been. And by the looks of the skeleton, it seems quite possible it might have adopted this posture.


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