Darwinopterus modularis 1


Ok, so some of you know how much I love Pterosaurs, as well as other prehistoric animals… Theropods, for example. Anyway, it’s time to my hand at drawing one of these extinct animals, and I chose Darwinopterus modularis to begin with. It was a transitional species, merging two great arms of the Pterosaur evolutionary tree—old and new. it was discovered in China near Darwin’s 200th birthday, and the 150th anniversary of the publication of Origin of Species. Paleontologists believe is was it was an aerial hunter, about Kingbird sized, maybe quite agile compared to other Ptersosaurs of the time. I was thinking of using some Flycatcher coloration on it. I’ve already done a quick sketch, using a climbing bat as a model for the form. It will probably be clinging to a tree trunk or large branch. I can’t wait to refine this composition, but I’m excited about trying something new… (or old).


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