Varied Thrush 1


On the block for the next few days…. I don’t know if I want to draw a male or a female yet, but I’m hoping if I draw one, they will come to our yard again—the lovely Varied Thrush. Clearly visible in this darkened scan (actual is much lighter) is the “first line” that stretches from the forehead to the tip of tail. That defined the general stance of the subject. Next the huge circle (done several times) to establish the bulk of the bird’s fluffed-up body, and then a much smaller circle for the head. Then contouring lines and angles added to create the rise and fall of the crown, the throat-to-breast structure and the southern edge of the wing. Tail edges were added somewhere in there, and then the under tail coverts. Legs were redrawn twice to get the balance of the bird feeling natural. Now the hard part begins…


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