Yellow-billed Magpie 2


This looks like the insane work of someone who has just had their just eyes dilated and then had too much wine with dinner. Wait a second… Never mind. Behold! The Yellow-billed Magpie (one of only two California endemic bird species) with some base iridescence colors in place. Next come the heavy shadows, and more detail. Perhaps more wine…


2 thoughts on “Yellow-billed Magpie 2

  1. This is really cool! Love all the drawings and your process. How will the yellow become white in the YBMA? Tell me more about the colored pencils that you use. Brand, etc.

  2. I use Berol Prismacolor Premier pencils mostly, but also like Faber-Castel and Dewent. The process is pretty simple. I find a number of photographs that show the position of the bird I’m looking for, or some portion of the composition I want, such as the head of one Magpie and the wings of another… Then I combine elements from a number of source images in a rough pencil sketch. Then, when it feels right, I start adding color breaks and important shadows. Details are added slowly one section at a time. Regarding how the “yellow will become white”, I’m not sure what you mean. but I can tell you I often use an eraser to create highlights… Thanks for your comments. I appreciate them.

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