Crimson-ringed Whiteface 4


Crimson-ringed Whiteface. This is one of those animals that when I first laid eyes on the picture in the field guide, I said to myself, “I would REALLY like to see that some day!” So Cricket and I made our plans… We drove more than 450 miles to search for it, and while it took some searching we were finally rewarded. When we first spotted it, I actually had trouble breathing for a moment because it was just that beautiful! It reminded me immediately of the Snowcap we saw in Costa Rica, a Hummingbird that in my mind, has absolutely no equal among birds. So nothing can overstate how much I wanted this portrait to turn out. I’m happy with the final drawing. But what I really wish is that you all could have been there to see me clutch my heart when it landed in right front of me. It was just that beautiful!


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