Swamp Sparrow (initial)


Initial work on a winter Swamp Sparrow. It’s interesting how at this early stage the Swamp is almost indistinguishable from its cogener, the Lincoln’s Sparrow. Colors and plumage will help make the difference apparent. Earlier, I made a few lines, now mostly erased, to help me get points on the bird positioned in correct relation to each other. I actually used a straight edge for these composition lines… From the eye to the left foot, the lowest point of the belly to the tip of the foreshortened tail, and the rump to the crown. All of these reference points will be likely shift later, but the basic composition is set. The dark area above the right leg will be the shadow of the vent, giving some support for this being a rear view. While the pose matches my encounter with the bird this afternoon, I’m using photo reference to help with details.


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