Connecticut Warbler


A very quick sketch of the Connecticut Warbler we saw at Mendoza Ranch in Outer Point Reyes on Saturday. While it is a nondescript bird, the obvious complete eye ring is an important feature. The lack of strong pattern on the bird made it a challenge for me. The contrast between olive breast and yellow belly may or may not be apparent on September individuals. Most difficult for me in representing the bird was getting the big-headed structure, short-tailed structure to a point I thought was accurate. One of the participants managed to get several good photographs so I had great reference to start with. I chose to show it walking, which is also something not seen in many Warblers. For whatever its worth, I seem to be settling on a style of drawing I enjoy—I draw fast, try not to labor over individual feathers, but strive for structural accuracy. I don’t mind if the media to be visible… I like leaving some underlying shapes and lines in the portrait.


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