Grasshopper Sparrow


The Grasshopper Sparrows we see in our area always seem to be a bit duller, and less patterned than the field guides show. Perhaps it’s because the birds shown in the guides are often the more eastern subspecies. NGS6 corrected than nicely… As with the previous Sparrow drawings, I chose to show our local A.s.perpallidus, or “Western” or “Pallid” Grasshopper Sparrow. The breast is less streaky and, at least with the Ed Levin birds, seems to be dingier than the eastern birds. If you are really lucky, you might get a glimpse of the yellow feathers at the wrist, lending to the antiquated name, “Yellow-winged Sparrow”. It’s interesting how the Grasshopper Sparrow’s song is less and less easily heard as ones ears get older…


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