American Coot


I had a lot of fun drawing these American Coots at the Palo Alto Duck Pond. I’d like to revisit these birds, they have so much character, especially when they are out of water.


2 thoughts on “American Coot

  1. I love your drawings! Would it be possible to use one of the American Coots for a simple Logo I plan to make. The Coot on the far right would be a perfect fit. Thank you in advance for a quick reply.

    Best regards,


    • Michael, I’m so happy you like my artwork. I’m afraid I can’t answer your question
      until I know For what purpose are you requesting the use of the Coot sketch?
      What kind of logo and what business is it? Let me know, and I will tell you if it is
      alright to go forward. Alternatively, you are welcome to use the sketch as
      a MODEL from which to reate a new image. You would need to redraw the image entirely,
      but if you used the same composition, I would not object. But my drawing as it stands
      is not available without a little more information about your project.


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